My First Nanowrimo

I won Nanowrimo and all I  got was this free book cover…


But seriously, I love my free book cover from bzebra. It definitely captures the essence of my story, and having it on my desktop is giving me some motivation to take it beyond the first draft.

As a first-timer, I enjoyed the experience and would absolutely consider doing it again next year.  Here’s my takeaway.

  • DON’T read this article before you begin–Fuck you bitch! I’m a winner!
  • The term NaNoWriMo (I have to constantly look it up) is hard to remember, spell, and I feel embarrassed when I try to pronounce it (maybe the trick is saying it fast).
  • The deadline was a motivating factor, and my determination to complete my targeted word count, at the keyboard with coffee at 5 am, became a daily obsession.
  • I could not have done it without a steady conduit of coffee and an outline. Black Magick is my second novel (I’m currently polishing my first) and both were written from feature length screenplays I’d already suffered over, received feedback for via professionals and public readings, and drafted many times over, so when I hit the keyboard, I knew my story (and my characters) inside and out. The process became about writing the scenes while allowing for new discoveries and improvisations–I added an extra subplot during the Nano challenge, which definitely enriched my story. Without a clear map to follow, I would have had a very difficult time completing the challenge. Everyone’s process is different, although it boggles my mind when I see writers on social media throwing out SOS’s because they can’t figure out an ending for their half completed manuscript. Seriously? Maybe they’re just looking for attention (no judgement) and should join Camp Nano (see below).
  • Although I enjoyed entering my daily work count on the Nano website, and read most of the encouraging emails, I didn’t take advantage of any of the local events or write-in’s at coffee shops, hotel conference rooms, etc. I didn’t tag-team with a partner. Unless you’re part of a writing team (something I talk about wanting to do but have never tried ) writing is a solitary occupation. I can’t imagine getting anything done at one of these events, other than networking which is a good thing I suppose, unless you’re like me and would rather be slow-roasted on a spit.
  • None of the merch appealed to me, so I tried to make a small donation. My screen froze and it didn’t go through, but I’ll try again…promise.
  • I didn’t participate in Camp Nano, which I assume is a social media site. I don’t know..It’s hard for me to get all Kumbaya around the fire over writing, plus the last thing I need is another distraction. Now that the challenge is over I might check it out, but since I’m not much of a joiner…probably not.
  • Of all internet distractions, Twitter is the best because it requires the least attention span and commitment. I’d typically break my writing time into one hour intervals with five minutes of farting around time in between. During these brief moments of mental rest, stretching, and snacking, I did follow some of the Nano tweets and responded, which is why I had the chance to win this lovely free book cover.
  • The election was a horrible distraction, but the writing process helped keep me sane, reminding me that although no one really cares (back to first point)  if I create or not, it sure is fun getting lost in my own fantasies.

10 thoughts on “My First Nanowrimo

  1. Well done on the Nano, sounds like you had a very good approach to it! That article you linked was interesting, why a non-writer would feel the need to tell others how to or not to write is crazy. Love the book cover 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Laura. I found that article to be so mean-spirited, and kind of funny. Why would anyone care if someone writes or not? I agree we should all read more, but I think most writers do that anyway.

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      1. I’m pretty sure they do, I’ve yet to come across a writer that doesn’t read anyway. Maybe they’re not reading right that second but they’re at least between books!


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