Books Never Read #1


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 3 stars

This is the summer I try to read the books that I’ve in the past only pretended to have read. So instead of embarrassing myself at parties when someone says, “YOU never read Harry Potter!”(it still happens) or lying and then having to bluff my way out of Hogwarts and Dumbledore. I can now nod and add my own insightful observations…or not.

Maybe if I’d read this as a kid, I’d be as passionate about it as I am the Prydain Chronicles, and although I found the story enjoyable, I doubt if I will continue with the series. While reading it, I was amazed at how much I had gleaned from the story already just by having it shoved in my face for the past twenty years, despite never having seen any of the movies (this may have knocked a star off my rating). That this little story inspired films, merchandise, rabid fans, a theme park, and more wealth than God for its creator (I admit I’m jealous), is rather mind-blowing. I did enjoy my well thumbed, first edition library copy: musty, stained, dog-eared, and brimming with the scent of a well-loved book.

Can’t save I loved it, but I liked it. I like even more that I can now cross it off the list. Next up of the books I never read, but only pretended to (a bit more weighty): The Lord of the Rings.

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