Summer Reading & Writing

Beach Reads

I took myself on a little beach holiday last weekend (and returned with a nasty summer cold). I did some editing for the new book. One more pass and I think I’ll be done.

Taken before some dude set up a UV ray tent and blocked my view.

It’s difficult to edit your own work, but that’s where I’m at. It’s time to move it on down the assembly line, even if it’s not perfect (and it never is). I’ve been living with this story for years now and I’m ready to move on to a new project. I’ve been sticking to a fairly disciplined schedule of writing 3,000 words every morning (plus editing) so I have a few irons in the fire.

The next book after Black Magick will be Disturbing Portraits: a collection of short stories and a new novella. Another one of my short stories will be published in a new anthology this fall as well so it’s a busy time.  Other writing projects include a new gothic romance series (with a Dark Shadows vibe—the original series) and a vampire novel .

Writing is hard work; reading is a pleasure.

For light summer reading I’ve been eating up some current fiction along with some gothic and horror paperbacks. I was happy to find an old copy of The Godfather at the used bookstore with this wonderful photo essay from the film inside. I love the tacky captions. I’m looking forward to re-reading this classic before the summer is over. I already read the first chapter, and it was hard to put down, but I already have three books started. What strikes me about The Godfather already is how wonderfully operatic it is! This was one of those forbidden books my dad kept under his bed with the Oui magazines. I know teenagers read a lot of young adult fiction today, but this, Jacqueline Susann, and Stephen King were my YA. I don’t think I’m too twisted as a result…

The captions are to die for!

After reading The Bestseller Code, I’ve been trying to read more current fiction. So, I read The Girl on the Train, one of the many girl titled books. I did enjoy it and I can see why it was popular. I haven’t read Gone Girl, but maybe I’ll get to it…or maybe not. I’d much rather read The Godfather again. I guess I just prefer reading popular fiction from four decades ago. I am trying to educate myself about current commercial fiction, but it’s not like I’m in graduate school. I really believe that it’s best to read whatever you want to read; just go with it. One book leads to another; sometimes you want to read trash, sometimes something more literary. I do still have that Tolkien tome by my bed. I’ll get to it, but till then from my nightstand Mario Puzo beckons, “gitovahere.” Reading for pleasure, especially in the summer, should never feel like work.

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