9 thoughts on “If a tree falls in a forest and no one posts it on Facebook…

  1. Gina, you were a friend of mine thru jr high and H.S. You really hit the nail on the head with FB. I have been debating deleting my acct for months and like you couldn’t quite figure it out. The only thing that I find interesting is that I can keep track of my kids. Letter writing is a lost art which is sad. Social media did take much of my time and time goes so quick! 20 minutes spent is 20 minutes lost. I am picky about who I friend and I don’t friend anyone that I don’t have at least one special memory of. I’ve deleted many and still am. And by the way I have read one of your books and loved it! Your so talented! And edgy that I’m so very proud that many many years ago we were friends. You look amazing also. Good for you in deleting your FB acct. Keep on writing and enjoying you time. Regards, Lisa Rickards now Preston @ lskpreston794@msn.com


  2. Proud and happy for you, Queen – all your reasonings sound so much like what I say to myself everyday – and yet I tell myself I must stay to wish people Happy Birthday as that meant so much for me to receive every year……but you are known, loved and even revered – and you survived! Gull blast it, I may screw my courage to the point and do the same!
    Stay in touch – you know how to reach me!


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