My Favorite Virgos

It’s always a bit disconcerting to realize that I share a sun sign with the likes of serial killer Ed Gein, but Mother Teresa was also born under the only sign represented by a female, so go figure. Angel or devil (often both) we are a weird bunch. In honor of my birthday month (actually late August, not September) here are a few of my favorite Virgos:

Stephen King

Busy as a bee, prolific, detail-oriented, and twisted, King exemplifies the workaholic Virgo personality. He’s made an amazing career out of his weird imagination and we love him for it; also for the fact that Trump just blocked him on Twitter. King shows the Hermes (Loki in Norse mythology) trickster side of the Virgo sign, whose ruling planet is Mercury.


Evan Rachel Wood

She sums up the cool, enigmatic beauty of other famous Virgo women before her (Garbo, Bacall, Bergman, Audrey Hepburn). There is always something a bit androgynous about women born under this sign and it’s damn sexy. Wood looks amazing in a suit or a classic gown, and her short hair is divine. Stealing her look (as much as possible—sigh) now!


Tom Ford

Here’s another stylish, workaholic perfectionist who just can’t keep his nervous Virgo energy in check. Instead he’s bouncing all over the place designing clothes and making movies (his latest Nocturnal Animals is fantastic!) He also demonstrates Virgos ability to stay youthful well into middle age. I try to follow his beauty advice which is essentially: starvation, Visine, and teeth whitener—it works!


Jeremy Irons

No actor—I’ll venture even Valentino—makes love on screen better than Jeremy Irons (at least in my humble opinion). Craggy, chain-smoking, soulful eyes that have seen it all, flawless style, and good hair—Irons demonstrates Virgo’s sexy side (and it goes deep). Watch enough of his movies, and you’ll see that he’s as twisted as they come (check out Dead Ringers if you have any doubt). Sealing the deal of eccentric coolness personified: he lives in an Irish castle.


Michael Jackson

I always felt a sense a pride that the most talented human on the planet shared my sign. Workaholic (definitely), weird (no kidding), androgynous (uh-huh), twisted (we’ll never really know to what extent). As many Virgos before him, Michael died with his secrets intact.


Greta Garbo

And finally, the ultimate Virgo is Greta Garbo. Androgynous, introverted, mysterious, and vain (I completely understand why she didn’t want pictures taken of her past a certain age, but I love this shot of her in her later years).  Some claim she was a genius, some that she was dull as dishwater, but like her Virgin-signed brothers and sisters, she always kept them guessing.









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