Some Updates


Well, I survived another NanoWriMo, although I must admit, I cheated. I continued writing a story that I had started a few years ago (about 10,000 words worth of notes and outlines). For that reason I’m not celebrating my “win.”

After guiltily Googling the topic I learned that I’m not the only one bending the rules. I look at it this way, Nano helped me write over 50,000 words of a novel I probably would have abandoned without that incentive. I didn’t finish it yet, but I got near to writing a loose mess of a first (or zero) draft and that’s something. For now, it’s shoved in the proverbial draw while I finish some other stuff.



I’m still a relative Wattpad newbie, but man, I love that site. Ever since I quit Facebook , Wattpad has been a productive way for me to keep focused on my writing while filling the social networking void. I really enjoy reading other people’s work and seeing what people have to say about mine.

So, my news is I completed my first Wattpad novella, The Ghosts of Dark Hollow. Isn’t my new book cover beautiful?

The Ghosts of Dark Hollow.jpg

Shout outs to Cover design: Consuelo Parra Model: Mjranum-stock.deviantart for their lovely work.

This, and my other continuing Wattpad story, Cousin B., are my first forays into the young adult genre, which means no S&M dungeons or incestuous three-ways, and to be honest, it was nice to exercise some restraint in my writing while still exploring the darker side of humanity, which appears to be an endless source of inspiration for me. God knows why.

What’s Next?

I’m taking the month of December off (meaning from a day job). Of course the holidays are distracting, but I hope to become even more focused on my writing projects.

Right now I’m torn between starting a vampire story that’s been knocking around in my head for a few years or a romance that’s been doing the same. The latter is a bit of a tragic romance, I’m afraid. Happy ending? More bittersweet. I’m leaning in the direction of writing that one first. Tomorrow I’ll start outlining it and I’ll see where it leads me.

One thing I will never do again, however, is to start three different novels at one time. Madness!

Book Trailers

One Wattpad feature I love is how the writer can add media to her story. Bringing in a bit of my filmmaking experience, I created two book trailers to go with my Wattpad stories. Enjoy!




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