My Favorite Booktubers

They’re like friends I check in with nearly every day: my favorite BookTubers.

First up is Will, aka the BaldBookGeek.  I’ve checked out other book vloggers, but Will is the one I always come back to because he keeps it real, whether he’s waxing poetic about his favorite YA author, bitching about his incessant sinus infections, or just telling it like it is in his latest rant, I sense it’s all coming from an honest place. Plus, I just adore his accent.

Next up is Peter, from PeterLikeBooks. And I don’t just include him because he featured one of my novels in two of his videos. Peter, like Will, shuns production values and editing in favor of just addressing the camera and talking off the cuff, and talk he does. Sometimes I just put him on in the background while I’m doing my morning exercises, and I feel like I’m working out with a fabulous friend who is doing all the talking. That’s okay because I’m a good listener.

Next we have Grumpy Andrew’s Horror House. He’s not exactly a BookTuber because he generally only reviews horror films and TV shows. I found him while searching for some internet solace after reading the disappointing Scarlet Gospels and was hooked ever since. He speaks eloquently of the most obscure horror offerings with passion, humor, and impressive erudition. I found his running exegesis on the latest Twin Peaks season far more entertaining than its source material, especially when accompanied with wine and weeping. Ha! Great stuff!

Unlike most of the annoyingly vapid teenage girls who dominate BookTube, Courtney Pickles is like the smartest girl in your class who is always a little bit pissed off at the world. Her taste leans toward literary geekdom. I noticed she hasn’t posted in awhile. I hope she hasn’t given up on BookTube. We need her sardonic alto to balance out all those squeaky sopranos.

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