The Louella Parsons of YouTube

Do tell!

Around Christmas time of this year, I became inadvertently (and obsessively) drawn into a YouTube drama rabbit hole. While I was tuning into my favorite BookTuber’s Mr. Peter Monn, I discovered that the switchboards were flashing with all kinds of drama concerning Peter being accused of nasty things by a young YouTuber provocateur.

Here’s poor Peter in the midst of the chaos:

While lines were marked in the sand and online alliances formed, one name kept popping up as being one of the sources for spreading such vile gossip.

Meet Ms. Karina Kaboom, the Louella Parsons of YouTube.

Karina, about to dish the dirt (or spill the tea).

Since that dramatic event, things have calmed down and Peter seems back to normal (he posts about four videos a day about his life which is how I know this). I’ve since discovered many of these so-called drama channels, but no one does it better than Karina Kaboom.  She alone has mastered the digital age’s version of Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper.

We need to talk.

Karina is a bit of a mystery. She has no social media and has disabled comments on her channel. It’s obvious from her accent that she is from New York (my guess is Long Island). She was involved with some intense drama herself recently when she apparently, in a fit of spit-flying rage, threatened to impregnate a male YouTuber with a turkey baster (you can’t make this shit up). Cries for her head ensued, and criminal charges were threatened (I’m not sure what happened to that one).

Where other YouTubers seem overly (and boringly) concerned with their own online personas, Karina with her stiletto nails cuts right to the chase, offering up all the latest gossip in the “YouTube beauty community” in her short, concise, daily posts.

Peter Monn recently uploaded a video about the value of YouTube gossip channels, comparing them to those nosy, old battle-axes from the Hollywood Golden Era. He was right, but I hate to tell Peter that the one who really embodies that persona is his archnemsis,  Karina Kaboom.

I think Karina learned her lesson over the turkey baster incident. She stays on topic with her short, concise, daily uploads that keep me tuning in each day. Keep up the good work, Ms. Kaboom! You are one reason why YouTube is far more entertaining than television.


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