My Favorite Virgos Part II

Sexy Earthy Women


It took me a long time to accept my Virgo birth sign. I remember wishing if only my mother had scheduled that C-section a few days earlier and I could have an outgoing Leo personality instead of this shy, bookish Virgo one. But then I happened upon this photo of Sophia Loren and I felt instantly better about being an earth woman.

Let’s take a look at some truly sexy women, who just so happen to be Virgos.

There’s something about a Virgo in a wet t-shirt.

Virgo Jacqueline Bisset in The Deep

A Virgo woman’s sensuality comes from nature, whether by land or by sea.

Sexy Virgo Salma Hayek works the look.

In true Virgo fashion, Blake Lively manages to look both wholesome and sexy. She’s one of the most understated, and underrated, beauties in Hollywood.

Classy Virgo girl Blake Lively.

And perhaps sexiest of all, yet always classy, is the one and only Beyoncé.

The ultimate Virgo woman.

All of these sexy, earthy, yet classy ladies make me glad I spell my astrological sign V-I-R-G-O.

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