Regina Saint Claire is a writer, sometime designer, and independent filmmaker. Her original web series, Gemini Rising (writer/director) received a Webby Honoree in 2009. Recent film projects include her science fiction soap opera The Weirdness.

After authoginab&wpic.jpgring several feature-length screenplays, Regina decided to turn her award-winning horror script, Unmasked, into a novel. This gruesome family drama about an aging pop star who will stop at nothing to preserve her fading beauty harkens back to the pulp horror novels from the 1970’s and 1980’s, featuring familiar tropes combined with jaw-dropping new twists. Her second book Black Magick, a Faustian suspense tale, is due for release in 2017.

Besides writing and filmmaking, other passions include lazy reading, nature walks, and a certain Shih Tzu named Lilly.