A Good Fantasy

There was this hippie dude back in the early 80s when I was in college, one of many older guys (anyone past twenty-seven) who pursued philosophy degrees part-time and tried to hook up with each new crop of freshmen girls. I doubt if this particular guy had much luck in that department considering his BilboContinue reading “A Good Fantasy”

Vamp Lit

October is the month for all things horror, but since that is generally most (not all) of what I read, I like to focus on one specific sub-genre. This time around it’s vampires. I read Dracula last year. I recently finished, and reviewed, Twilight  so that’s out of the way, thank God. So next upContinue reading “Vamp Lit”

Books Never Read Part II – Twilight

About ten years ago, when Twilight by Stephanie Meyer came out in mass paperback, a friend loaned me a copy telling me that it wasn’t your average “chick lit”, that it was actually pretty good. A read a few chapters, and meh. I wasn’t into it. The girl meets boy plot seemed contrived, the proseContinue reading “Books Never Read Part II – Twilight”


  Volcanic dense, though lava cooled, Carved Phoenix rising to the sky, To penetrate a pale, blue pool, A morning call to Night’s demise. Shine forth, ye peaked, ebony jewel, Reveal within the sun’s first rays, A standing power’s highest view And witness to a million days. An ancient tower, black on blue, Erected byContinue reading “Obsidian”

Better Late in the Game…

…Than Never in the Game Early in the new year,  I was having dinner with friends whom I adore, and it was something about their ecstatic, tandem eye rolls and Oh, my Gods! over the latest season of Game of Thrones that finally convinced me to let go of my resistance and start watching from the beginning.Continue reading “Better Late in the Game…”

Space Wedding

“Caw! Caw!” Esmeralda screeched in a whoosh of flapping rainbow feathers, retreating to a dark corner of the embattled shuttle. “If that damn bird doesn’t can it I’ll…” “You’ll what?” Lester shot a lethal glance across the bridge at Cabe. Cabe wrenched the throttle out of a near spin. The altitude indicator flashed with redContinue reading “Space Wedding”

The Storm

The Storm by R. Saint Claire Sheets of ocean pierced by Titans Channeled on Leviathan’s back, Swells and lolls, crests and heightens, Mounting Sky’s sulphuric crack. In black, the mad widow divining From the shore, among the wrack, A golden sphere from her hand is shining, Sparkling remnants of the heart she gave. Tonight–at lastContinue reading “The Storm”

For Entertainment Purposes Only

It was my desire to escape the clinging neuroses of the dour Ms. Tyler that made me reach for a purgative in the form of a trashy 80’s horror novel I found at my local used book store. Enter The Dragon by William Schoell. Aside from the fact that the image appears more like an iguanaContinue reading “For Entertainment Purposes Only”

Love Sonnet

  LOVE SONNET by R. Saint Claire Bright twinkle of stars and warmth of the sun, Flotillas of clouds in Heaven’s fresh air, Dark battles through which the brave hero becomes, To all things amazed my lover compares. The moon’s pale mystery, the change in the tides, And sands in the hourglass’ turns in aContinue reading “Love Sonnet”