Nocturnal Animals – Devastating Lessons in Life through Art

I watched Nocturnal Animals for the second time (thanks HBO) last night. And I’m sure I’ll watch it again. I know, I know—many critics wrote it off as style over substance, the fashion designer director has the visuals down but no depth of content. (spoilers abound). The film begins with an odd montage considering theContinue reading “Nocturnal Animals – Devastating Lessons in Life through Art”

A Taste of Evil is Delicious

Suuuuusan….. Summer reading (and viewing) demands a lapse of taste (let’s save the serious stuff for the first autumn chill), so I’ve been happily cooling off in a witch’s pond of pulp Gothic romances circa 1970. I adore them! A close aunt of mine, as eccentric as any dowager you’ll find on these faded pages,Continue reading “A Taste of Evil is Delicious”

Twin Peaks: the Return

Lynch is still cool. Lynch has always been cool. Like many an artsy college student in the early 1980’s, I first encountered David Lynch at the campus’ art house in the form of Eraserhead. Next, was The Elephant Man which I loved,  Dune I missed (till recently), but then Blue Velvet came and really knocked myContinue reading “Twin Peaks: the Return”

The Darkest Witch

Mommy Dead and Dearest HBO scores again with Mommy Dead and Dearest,  a documentary about a wheelchair-bound, cancer-ridden, mentally retarded adolescent (in reality much older and completely healthy) who plotted to murder her mother. Her on-the-spectrum, sexually perverse, internet boyfriend did the actual deed in a stabbing frenzy while the daughter cowered in the bathroom. Before the lovebirdsContinue reading “The Darkest Witch”

Deadly Masculinity

Ira Levin’s Twisted Male Villains Soon after they are settled in Stepford, the novel’s protagonist, young mother Joanna Eberhart, awakes to her husband Walter masturbating in the bed next to her. He had just been initiated into the town’s “men’s association” and something he learned there that night excited him greatly–something he doesn’t share withContinue reading “Deadly Masculinity”

When Loser Meets Psycho

Beware the Slenderman Last night I finally got around to watching Beware the Slenderman, an HBO documentary about the shocking case of two 12-year-old girls who lured their “best friend” into the woods and stabbed her multiple times (she survived thanks to a random cyclist who spotted her crawling along a dirt road). The bespectacled babyContinue reading “When Loser Meets Psycho”

Why I Write (horror)

I’ve never been good at tooting my own horn; in fact, I suck at it. But I have to share how pleased I am to see positive reviews for my horror novel Unmasked. The development of this book has had a long history. Inspired by my youth spent reading trashy horror novels and watching TVContinue reading “Why I Write (horror)”

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Victorian Brain Fever As part of my personal Gothic literature reading challenge, I start with Dracula by Bram Stoker. Here’s a book that I pretended to read in the past (I’d started it several times) but in truth I’d only seen the movies from Murnau’s silent Nosferatu to Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula , which IContinue reading “Dracula by Bram Stoker”

The Kingdom of Shadows

Eyes Wide Shut and the Ninth Gate Much has been written about the esoteric messages in Stanley Kubrick’s swan song Eyes Wide Shut, some silly, some quite illuminating. That some of us are still watching and analyzing it seventeen years later (and probably many more to come) illustrates that the great director knew what heContinue reading “The Kingdom of Shadows”