The Calming Storm

From my slumber I awake—to Nature’s great melee! Raging Hydra’s electric tendrils Kissing Sky to Sea. My chamber shakes; the window sash Shoots open. Shutters bang and mirrors crash. The wind flies in and skirts around, Makes a cyclone of my hair and gown. The salty splashes christen me: Out-mad thy madness with the sea!Continue reading “The Calming Storm”

Fostering Creativity – Part 4

Embrace Randomness The surrealists believed in the power of randomness to invoke the muse. Automatic writing can clear the detritus built up on the brain after weeks of editing as much as a (I’m hoping) War of the Apes will. It’s also a channel to new (sometimes ancient) ideas uncomplicated by the burden of consciousContinue reading “Fostering Creativity – Part 4”


  Volcanic dense, though lava cooled, Carved Phoenix rising to the sky, To penetrate a pale, blue pool, A morning call to Night’s demise. Shine forth, ye peaked, ebony jewel, Reveal within the sun’s first rays, A standing power’s highest view And witness to a million days. An ancient tower, black on blue, Erected byContinue reading “Obsidian”

On Easter Sunday

by R. Saint Claire In our Sunday coats we stay. A sunny day! When colored Eggs and sweets we crave: A visit to the family grave. Up the thorny path we’re taken To the hill where marble crypts And busts of men (their ranks forsaken) Rest in shades of obelisks. An actor who revered theContinue reading “On Easter Sunday”

The Storm

The Storm by R. Saint Claire Sheets of ocean pierced by Titans Channeled on Leviathan’s back, Swells and lolls, crests and heightens, Mounting Sky’s sulphuric crack. In black, the mad widow divining From the shore, among the wrack, A golden sphere from her hand is shining, Sparkling remnants of the heart she gave. Tonight–at lastContinue reading “The Storm”

Ode to Spring

ODE TO SPRING by R. Saint Claire Wings span across the sky in flight Green, snaking slivers stretch and lift. From murky mounds to peaks of light The falcon’s golden iris shifts. From sea to seedlings turning under Deep earth wherein the giant lolls, Waking buds from winter slumber Burst to life on verdant knolls.Continue reading “Ode to Spring”

Love Sonnet #2

ONE HEART By R. Saint Claire Loving center and corporeal home, A fused join at two chambers meeting, Sacred symbol of the love I own, And emblem of my life’s completing. The battlefield of daily strife Can’t compromise the greater will, That you’re my husband, I’m your wife. What wars are lost! What blood weContinue reading “Love Sonnet #2”

Love Sonnet

  LOVE SONNET by R. Saint Claire Bright twinkle of stars and warmth of the sun, Flotillas of clouds in Heaven’s fresh air, Dark battles through which the brave hero becomes, To all things amazed my lover compares. The moon’s pale mystery, the change in the tides, And sands in the hourglass’ turns in aContinue reading “Love Sonnet”

Ode to Melancholy

ODE TO MELANCHOLY Saturnal turnings to woeful wooings, Unrequited in a heart that aches, Infernal dreams of despair imbuing, Hopelessly tethered to past mistakes. Romantic passions the depth of Venus, Bacchantic thrashings; they both espouse Byronic madness—a proof of genius! Flawlessly shuttered in one dark house. Melancholy, to thee I sing, For all the giftsContinue reading “Ode to Melancholy”